I Am Supporting Tim Ryan for Minority Leader


I am supporting Tim Ryan for minority leader. The best way forward for the Democratic Caucus is to ensure that we are capitalizing on the intellect, passion, talent and experience of every single member. I know that Tim Ryan will listen to and take from all members from every part of the country, to ensure that we incorporate their unique voices, and those of their constituents, as we chart the course ahead. Not only will this help us win more elections, but it will ensure that we better reflect and represent the great country we serve.

I am grateful for Nancy Pelosi’s service as House Speaker and as the Democratic leader for the last 14 years. But I believe that for any organization to succeed, there must be change in leadership to ensure that it continues to meet new and evolving opportunities and challenges. It’s one of the reasons that I believe in term limits, and why I support them for every member of Congress. Limiting our term of service, even as Leader of the caucus, shows that we have faith in the ability of others to step up and serve.

I look forward to working with my colleagues in this next session of Congress with new leadership that makes the most of what each of us can contribute.