It’s time Donald Trump gets the facts on El Paso and the border


Yesterday I caught this exchange between Donald J. Trump and Katy Tur from NBC News:

TRUMP: “It’s worse now than it’s ever been. We don’t even have a border, people are just flowing through like water, there is no border right now.”
Katy Tur: “The murder rate in El Paso, Texas, which is right on the border, is the lowest murder rate for any of the big cities in the country.”

It’s time Donald Trump gets the facts on El Paso and the border. You can help him and others who are in the dark by sharing this post with your friends and family so that they know that:

1. El Paso is ranked the safest city in the U.S. for the 4th year in a row, and San Diego is 2nd safest. These are the two biggest border cities.

2. Apprehensions at the border are the lowest in nearly 40 years.

Nationally the number of apprehensions per agent is down from 106 ten years ago to 23 today. In El Paso it is just over 4 apprehensions for the entire year per agent.

3. The Federal budget for immigration enforcement has grown from $1.2 billion in 1986 to $17.9 billion in 2012 (1,400% increase).

4. Net migration from Mexico last year was zero.

5. El Paso is the safest city in the country in large part BECAUSE of (not in spite of) the large number of immigrants who call our city home. They are here to take part in the American Dream, to work, to get ahead and to contribute to this great country.

Lastly — if you know Donald Trump or anyone else who might be interested in seeing the border up close, please invite them to join me for the U.S.-Mexico 10k run on August 8th. It’s a great way to see our beautiful, binational community.

More details here:

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