The Vet Connect Act


The Vet Connect Act will make it easier to share a veteran’s medical record with their community doctor, improving overall care and reducing red tape.


· The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) relies on community doctors to supplement care for veterans.

· With 43,000 unfilled positions, the VA is going to continue to refer care out to the community to be successful.

The Problem:

· Even though the VA is referring care to doctors outside of the VA, there are barriers to sharing a patient’s medical record.

· This creates delays in care and is frustrating to both doctors and veterans.

· Doctors aren’t getting the full medical picture for the veterans they treat.

We Can Fix This:

· Today I introduced the Vet Connect Act, bicameral legislation with Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. This legislation will reduce bureaucratic red tape at the VA to more easily share a veteran’s medical record with doctors outside of the VA who are directly involved in that veteran’s medical care, while maintaining HIPPA protections.

· By removing this hurdle we can help doctors and patients make better decisions about their health care.

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