Violent Offenders & Domestic Abusers Should Not be Granted a License to Carry

Texas does not grant a license to carry to those convicted of a violent crime. Makes sense. However, that’s not the case in all states. There are currently nearly two dozen states who allow these individuals to obtain a license to carry.

Today, I voted against H.R. 38 because it would allow for what is known as “concealed carry reciprocity” — essentially allowing anyone allowed to carry in any state (no matter how low their standards) to bring a firearm into any other state (no matter how high their standards). It would subject Texans to the lowest common denominator.

It would make us less safe.

For example:

  • Texas law requires safety training to qualify for a licence to carry. 18 other states do not.
  • Texas requires you to be at least 21. Fifteen other states do not.
  • Texas does not issue a license to carry to abusive partners. 14 states do.
  • Texas doesn’t issue to violent offenders. 22 states do.
  • Texas doesn’t issue to people convicted of stalking. 21 states do.

Why should Texans, who have adopted strong, sensible standards for a license to carry be forced to contend with concealed carry gun owners in states that have not?

I’m proud of Texas, our history of responsible gun ownership and our requirements for a license to carry that seek to protect the ones we love from abusers, violent offenders and stalkers.

We should hold those from out-of-state to these same standards when they travel to our communities. We should not subject every Texan, every El Pasoan to the lowest common denominator in the U.S. because that will make Texas less, not more, safe.