Image of the UN Security Council courtesy of Wijingleedia Commons.

Peace Will Only Come through Direct, Bilateral Negotiations Between Israel and the Palestinians

“We must acknowledge the catastrophic consequences that would occur if the Obama Administration failed to veto a resolution condemning settlements at the UN Security Council.”

We have established that the United Nations cannot be a truly neutral arbiter of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With its repeated and incessant unfair condemnations and singling out of Israel, the the human rights bodies and agencies of the United Nations, such as the United Nations Human Rights Council, have consistently demonstrated unwarranted bias against Israel.

For example, in the two most recently completed United Nations General Assembly sessions, 21 of 25 resolutions on human rights (in the 68th Session) and 20 of 23 resolutions on human rights (in the 69th Session) attacked Israel.

On November 29th, at the UN’s “National Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People,” six resolutions were lodged against Israel — including one calling for the Golan to be transferred to Syria!

Also recently, UNESCO demonstrated its utter inability to carry out its distinctive function by denying Jewish historical, archaeological, spiritual, and cultural ties to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Therefore, the constant end run to the UN by the Palestinian Authority has been harmful to the peace process. It has given a false hope to the Palestinian people, but has not in any way helped them. It has enabled the Palestinian leadership to avoid true efforts to make a peace with Israel, and to continue denying that the State of Israel has a right to exist.

Given the harsh statements being made by this Administration and the State Department on Israeli settlement activity, we must acknowledge the catastrophic consequences to the prospects for peace that would occur if the Obama Administration failed to veto a resolution condemning settlements at the UN Security Council.

Such a move would give credence to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement and would set the groundwork for eventual borders of a Palestinian state unilaterally in contradiction to the Oslo Accords.

It would have negative repercussions for US businesses and would be a boon to the very movement that has as its end game — the destruction of Israel.

It would, in effect, change longstanding American foreign policy in the Middle East with respect to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The repercussions of this Administration taking any action on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process that changes US policy have not been fully realized. Frankly, by even considering a potential change to US policy, President Obama has tarnished trust in the United States.

We are standing here today to express that this dabbling with a UN Security Council resolution that unilaterally recognizes a Palestinian state, dictates steps or parameters to the parties, or issues condemnations against Israel is detrimental, and is against the will of the American people and the interest of the United States. Any such resolution by the UN Security Council must be vetoed.

Congressman Doug Lamborn represents Colorado’s Fifth District. This article is adapted from his remarks on November 30, 2016.