Comments From Today’s Press Conference on Redistricting, Litigation, and Democrat Efforts to Cause Electoral Chaos

Here we go again. These liberal, dark money groups, financed and controlled by allies of the Democratic Party, are determined to use and abuse the court system to achieve unprecedented chaos. In short it appears they will sue until NC is blue, despite what the people may want. This is all part of President Obama and Eric Holder’s plan to sue all Republican states while ignoring egregious blue states like Maryland and Illinois.

These Democratic groups lose in state court, they run to federal court. When they lose in federal court, they run back to state court. It is judge shopping, pure and simple. They are trying to ignore a Supreme Court decision that came out less 24 hours ago!

These groups are trying to sow confusion and cause as much chaos as possible, as many times as possible. We are 3.5 business days away from filing. This is ridiculous.

They want to confuse voters, cause chaos in election administration, and bully the General Assembly into surrendering to their political aims.

Let’s also be very clear what these groups are seeking here — they want the General Assembly elections to be held in seats that split dozens more precincts, divide more towns, and are significantly less compact.

These groups have invented a state constitutional claim from whole cloth — a theory they ignored themselves in the ridiculous maps they submitted to the Covington Court by changing districts in Onslow County.

Because what matters to these groups is not what is best for North Carolina, or that we have the clean map enacted by the General Assembly — literally all they care about is electing Democrats at all costs, at all times.

You, reporters, should be asking the SCSJ and their Democratic puppet masters, why aren’t you giving the voters of North Carolina a break. This is ridiculous. Let’s get the 2018 election season started without any more voter confusion. It’s time for this all to end.

Video can be found here.