Peace, prosperity, apple pie, and a secure retirement.

I feel a little lost.

I came to Congress to work together and solve problems.

I acknowledge that in the current environment, that is more difficult than ever.

But I still cling to the hope that there are a few things Republicans and Democrats agree on and can find common ground:

1. Peace.

2. Prosperity.

3. Apple pie being delicious.

4. Helping all Americans access tools to build a retirement nest egg.

Except yesterday, a vote in the House of Representative made that list even shorter.

Let me explain why:

Employees of small businesses have far less access to retirement savings plans than employees of large businesses.

It’s not anyone’s fault. But it’s an unfair, bad situation.

And the states — the laboratories of democracies — have stepped up and tried to solve that problem.

The Hill: A Simple Way to Make Retirement Savings Easier for Americans

I was proud that Washington state was one of them.

AARP: Workplace retirement plans will help workers build economic security

I was glad that the United States Department of Labor issued rules to encourage this local problem-solving.

So I was confused, and remain dismayed, that yesterday the House passed a resolution to block the laboratories of democracy and make it harder for small business employees to save for retirement.

If we can’t agree on opposing a resolution that harms small business employees, what can we agree on?

I remain committed to finding common ground. But it’s just not as common as it used to be.