Are We Witnessing the First Manchurian President?

Today, I delivered remarks on the House Floor regarding the scandal involving President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn and Russia. My remarks:

Mr. Speaker,

Are we witnessing the first Manchurian presidency in the history of the United States?

The resignation of President Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn has done nothing to end the controversy surrounding the administration’s relationship with Russia.

I am calling for an independent investigation into Flynn’s actions.

The White House knew for weeks that Flynn misled about his secret communication with the Russian ambassador.

But apparently this was not a problem for the Trump administration, as long as it was hidden from the public.

Did the White House authorize Flynn’s secret communication? Did the president? Why wasn’t Flynn gone sooner?

We don’t yet know the answers to these and to other questions.

What we do know is that the Trump administration is not prepared to protect this nation.

For all their talk of national security, Republicans are giving President Trump a pass.

An independent investigation into Flynn’s actions is needed. This investigation must determine if other improper relationships between the Trump administration and the Russian government exist.

Mr. Speaker, the American people are demanding to know — and they deserve to know — just how tight Russia’s grip is on the Trump administration.

I yield back.