544 Days in an Iranian Prison: Jason Rezaian’s Harrowing Story

Rep. Jared Huffman
Mar 7 · 2 min read

Welcome back to this week’s “Off the Cuff with Rep. Huffman.”

Many of you may remember the American reporter, Jason Rezaian, who was detained in Iran in 2014, but you may not know the true depth of his story.

Marin native Jason Rezaian and his wife, Yegi, were arrested in Tehran on July 22, 2014, and Jason was unjustly detained in Evin Prison for the “crime” of being a journalist for over 500 days. Over the course of his detention, I worked closely with Jason’s family and built support for Jason’s cause. This included meetings with the State Department, and foreign officials, as well as inviting his brother Ali to join me at President Obama’s State of the Union address at the Capitol. After Jason’s release on January 16, 2016, I was honored to fly to Germany to meet the man whose freedom was championed throughout my district and around the world.

Jason joins me to discuss his harrowing experience and his new novel Prisoner, which details those eighteen months in prison. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Jason and to hear his incredible story firsthand.

Hope you enjoy this interesting discussion!

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Rep. Jared Huffman

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