New Episode: Honoring Equal Pay Day with Phyllis Gould

Today is Equal Pay Day. What a perfect time to share a special two-part episode of “Off the Cuff” featuring insights from one the North Coast’s own trailblazers for equality.

For this week’s episode I spoke with Phyllis Gould of Fairfax. Phyllis is a real-life ‘Rosie the Riveter’ — as a Navy-certified Journeyman welder, she worked on Liberty and Victory ships during World War II. At 95 years old, Phyllis shares her story, her reflections on women in the workforce, and advice for future generations of women fighting for equality.

Phyllis didn’t even know what a welder was when she decided to follow her husband into the workforce, but she was diligent and it didn’t take her long to pick up skills just as well as the men she was working with. She had to fight against gender barriers to get there, but by the end of her time at the Kaiser Shipyard, she had worked alongside both men and women to manufacture hundreds of ships for the war effort.

It wasn’t an easy road, and as we observe Equal Pay Day today, Phyllis’s story is a reminder that working women have long faced unfair treatment, and are still to this day fighting to be paid the same amount as men for doing the same work.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Phyllis during her tireless crusade to win national recognition for the Rosies across the country, who came from all backgrounds to join the workforce. She has spent more than a decade lobbying to formally dedicate a day to honoring all the ‘Rosie the Riveters’ who helped win WWII, and I’m very proud to say that thanks to our work together, the Senate passed a historic resolution last month to do just that.

After my conversation with Phyllis, stay tuned for the second half of the episode, featuring some highlights of my recent town halls across the district. In the last few weeks, I’ve been amazed to see venue after venue packed with constituents eager to engage with this country’s biggest issues.

The level of civic engagement I’ve seen — which led to the failure of a TrumpCare bill that would have made health care less accessible and less affordable- has been absolutely inspiring, and proved to me once again that the citizens of the North Coast are some of the most active in the nation. I hope you enjoy hearing the conversation as much as I have.

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