NEW EPISODE: Working Families and the Future of the American Economy w. Rep. Tim Ryan

In this week’s episode of “Off the Cuff w. Rep. Huffman” I spoke with my colleague, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH). For those of you who don’t know who him, my friend Tim represents the 13th district of Ohio, co-founded the Manufacturing Caucus, and has been my teammate on the Congressional baseball team for several years.

Although I lost a very important Cavs vs. Warriors bet to him last year, I was magnanimous and still invited him — and he still agreed! — to come on the podcast.

Tim made national news last year when he ran for ran for the position of Democratic Leader in the House, challenging my friend and congressional neighbor Nancy Pelosi. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to have Tim on the podcast: to talk about how to get younger generations engaged in policymaking. Our conversation ranged from how to support working families, to deploying broadband internet to underserved areas, to the value of mindfulness.

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I hope you enjoy!

Update: During the recording, Congressman Huffman took a question on his Water Conservation Rebate Tax Parity Act, which supports homeowners who make water-saving investments. Since the time of the recording, the legislation has been reintroduced for the 115th Congress. You can read more info here.