Discover Chicago’s 50 Hottest Startups

Chicago has quickly become a hub for startup activity. In 2016 alone Chicago produced 55 exits worth, in total, over $1.5 billion. A robust talent pool, thriving VC scene, and many other factors have contributed to Chicago’s growth as a tech startup hub. With Chicago producing nearly 200 new VC-backed startups each year, it can be difficult to keep track of all these up-and-comers.

Luckily, at the turn of the new year Built in Chicago published a list of “50 Chicago Startups to Watch in 2017.” This list features some of hottest startups in the Chicago area. The companies featured on this list vary in terms of size, funding level, and industry, but they do have one thing in common: they’re all driving innovative ideas forward using the resource-rich network Chicago’s tech scene provides.

The team at RepIQ decided to dig into the list, uncovering exactly which industries Chicago’s hottest startups come from. We used data from RepIQ to create a visual map highlighting all the major industries BiC’s 50-to-watch list represents. Then, we explored how Chicago’s startups are impacting the worlds of finance, healthcare, food and more.

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