The Sales Email That Generated $27,000 in 30 Days, The Invisible Sales Pipeline, & more

The Sales Message That Generated $27,000 in 30 Days

Jamie Shanks of Sales for Life presents his findings from testing four unique sales email strategies in “The Sales Message That Generated $27,000 in 30 Days

Who’s in your invisible sales pipeline?

Gary Smith uncovers a potentially untapped sales pipeline and provides some tips on how to better capture these leads in “Who’s in your invisible sales pipeline?

The Most Effective Email Ever

Justin Kao of Spiro Technologies recounts how he discovered a sales email template that got him an 85% open rate in “The Most Effective Email Ever

The Data-Backed Case for a Service Level Agreement (SLA) Between Marketing and Sales

Skot Waldron of Multiple makes a case for how an SLA can close the gap between marketing and sales in “The Data-Backed Case for an SLA Between Marketing and Sales

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