Rep. Jared Polis
Oct 8, 2015 · 3 min read

Chris Castle is similar to many working Americans.

He lives in Thornton, Colorado with his wife and daughter. Each day he drives to the Department of Veterans Affairs in Denver where he works as a loan specialist. He spends his weekends with his family and serves as the Executive Vice President of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 1557.

Earlier this week, that dream came true.

On Wednesday, Chris was one of only three people from Colorado to participate in the White House Summit on Worker Voice. I was honored to personally welcome Chris to Washington DC and met with him in my office as he told me how excited he was to participate in the White House conference.

American families are working longer and harder only to see the buying power of their paychecks get smaller and smaller.

The Worker Voice Summit tackled this challenge by focusing on how workers like Chris can make their voices heard in the workplace in new and creative ways that are good for workers and good for businesses.

But these advances cannot be made without the voice of American workers like Chris.

The Worker Voice Summit was a powerful tool for capturing them and I’m thrilled that Colorado workers like Chris were able to make their voices heard.

Rep. Jared Polis

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