Each year in March, we celebrate Women’s History Month and commemorate trailblazing women who’ve made history. From civil rights, to science and technology, to suffrage, there are countless women who have changed our world for the better.

Margaret Hamilton, Patsy Mink, and the statue of suffragettes Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Like Margaret Hamilton, the mother of software engineering. She created a revolutionary on-board…

Rep. Frankel (FL-21) and Members of the Democratic Women’s Working Group gather for a press conference calling for an Oversight investigation into sexual abuse allegations made against the President. (12/12/2017)

Last week, the Democratic Women’s Working Group (DWWG) and over 150 Members of Congress sent a letter to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to call for an investigation into the numerous sexual abuse and misconduct allegations made against President Trump.

To date, more than 17 women have publicly…

This week, Congress voted to require annual anti-sexual harassment training for Members and their staff.

It’s a necessary first step, but here’s the thing: it’s embarrassing and pitiful that we even need a manual that instructs Members to keep their pants on in their office.

This behavior has sullied our own halls. We have so much more work to do, like establishing a process that creates a safe and respectful workplace, protects victims, holds Members accountable, and ensures due process.

Rep. Lois Frankel

Representative from Florida's 21st Congressional District. Chair of @HouseDemWomen.

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