President Trump’s grade on first 100 days, ‘Incomplete and Unsatisfactory’

President Trump’s first 100 days in the White House have been a lot of talk and little action. The Trump grade card is unsatisfactory and incomplete at best even as the swamp he pledged to drain gets stocked with Wall Street’s finest.

There exists a genuine need to work together in a bipartisan way on health care, infrastructure, trade, jobs and defending the homeland, yet this Administration seems to have no basic core from which to start. On trade, we can’t even get a straight answer on where the Administration stands on China’s currency manipulation. One day they support cracking down on China to help American manufacturing, and then the next day they completely reverse. We have seen some movement on South Korean steel dumping and positive signs with an Executive Order on Buy America, but they aren’t even principles the President’s own companies adhered to. Ohioans are looking for results not short sentences with self-serving plaudits.

We are still waiting on an answer from the President and his team about visiting Lorain, and the steelworkers who have been barraged by an unfair global market. The President’s health care proposal would have decimated rural and urban health care systems in Ohio; it was just haphazard. We need to repair and improve the Affordable Care Act, not spend precious time trying to turn backward. On foreign policy, this Administration appears to lack strategy and coherency on multiple fronts: Syria, Russia, China, Ukraine. What’s the plan?

Trump’s budget proposal causes me to reflect on something Vice President Joe Biden said, ‘show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.’ Well, President Trump’s budget apparently doesn’t value the people of Ohio. It slashes the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and job training programs, meals on wheels, after-school care are among many other vital and valuable programs that are victims of the President’s budget. As a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, I will work to make sure we hold the Administration to account, and work in a bipartisan way to pass spending bills that make sense for working people in Ohio and across the country.

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