On the Passing of Justice Antonin Scalia — And the Need for a Nominee

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia lived his life using his experience and intellect to the best of his ability to serve our nation. While he and I shared few political opinions, we shared a deep, unabiding love for this nation. I will pray for his family and friends in this time of mourning and loss.

Now, for that country he loved, it is critical that we maintain a full bench on the court, to provide the important third leg of our Constitutional system of checks and balances.

Our President is elected to a four year term. He does not lose his job in the final year of that term and he is not permitted to shirk his duty for any one day of those four years. It is his duty to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, when a vacancy occurs.

Our Senate has a patriotic duty to maintain the continuity of our government by confirming a qualified candidate, once the President presents such a candidate to that body.

Our country is built on Legislative and Executive Branches that pass and approve laws and a Judicial Branch that interprets them and decides their Constitutionality.

To intentionally cripple the Judicial Branch would violate historical precedent and would be an attack on the very foundations of our nation created by the Constitution we all treasure.

I look forward to the President nominating a strong, qualified candidate to take a seat on the bench of the highest court in the land, and to a thorough, robust vetting process conducted by the United States Senate that results in their confirmation.

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