Rep. Ro Khanna on his first day in Congress

Even as the nation continues to heal from the political divisiveness of the past year, I am proud to begin 2017 by representing Silicon Valley in Congress. The district is home to some of the most well-known technological innovators of the modern era, and I look forward to bringing the start-up ethos embraced here to the halls of Congress.

We need bold ideas and sound policies that provide opportunities to those our changing economy and technological revolution has left behind and invest in policies that support working families to better prepare all children for the future. The corruption of big money in politics and lobbying by powerful special interests have soiled our democracy, and I will work to enact reforms to make government truly work for the people.

As a son of immigrants and grandson to a freedom fighter during India’s independence movement, the protection of civil rights — no matter a person’s gender, race, or sexual orientation — will always be side-by-side with my commitment of economic fairness for all.