We cannot take a step back on health care

When the Affordable Care Act passed, I was never prouder of President Obama and honored to be serving in his administration. Even when so many political advisers counseled him to abandon the fight for universal health care, he soldiered on and kept his word to the voters who elected him. I know how hard many of my friends and colleagues worked to help pass the Affordable Care Act. We were all inspired to work hard every day to achieve President Obama’s promises to the country.

President Trump’s approach to health care is a stark contrast. He campaigned on more coverage, better benefits, and lower costs for working families. In 2000, Trump even wrote that Canada’s single-payer system produces a healthier population and lower costs. So, what does this president do once assuming office? Instead of providing increased subsidies to working families, he is slashing them. Instead of making Medicare more accessible to all to bring down premiums, he is looking out for the financial interests of insurance companies. Instead of fighting to allow for the importation of prescription drugs, he is meeting with pharmaceutical executives to shape policy and higher profits.

We know that voters want to expand on President Obama’s work; not take a step backwards. We need to show that President Trump is not living up to his promises on the campaign trail and doing the exact opposite of what he said he would.

The majority of American’s want universal health care, but they need to know the truth of what is going on in Washington, D.C. We must hold President Trump accountable to his promises.

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