During a long weekend at home, I had the honor to join the Oregon National Guard Company G, 1st Battalion 1–189th Aviation Regiment at their mobilization ceremony. The medical evacuation helicopter unit has been critical to rescue and fire suppression efforts at home, and approximately 67 members of the unit are heading to Kuwait.

I got to play host to a group of students from my hometown’s high school in Canby for an afternoon. We talked about everything from education to immigration reform to national defense to even the importance of NASA’s work.

I want to address you today to talk about a report you may have read or heard about this week.

The Washington Post found that the Pentagon covered up a 2015 study that they commissioned themselves which shows so much wasteful spending in operations that they could be saving $125 billion over five years. That is absolutely unacceptable.

This has nothing to do with to the brave and courageous service men and women who do a great job protecting our country and our freedom around the world.

This is about money that we could use to fund our war…

The 21st Century Cures Act passed the House 392–26.

As Democrats, we are faced with a decision: whether or not we want to be a relevant party in the coming decades. Attempts to place blame for the results of this election — on FBI Director Comey, on Fox News pundits, on the Electoral College, on poor turnout by minorities, or even on an inability to get our message out to American voters — all miss the main lesson we should take away from of this election. While Republicans placed their worst Presidential candidate, who boasts the highest negatives of any Presidential candidate in history, at the top of their…

Photo by StockMonkeys.com (also on Flickr, CC)

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines:

· Parents Outraged over EpiPen Price Hike [KGW, 8/30/16]

· Former Shkreli Pharmaceutical Firm Responsible for 5,000% Drug Hike [Statesman Journal, 5/2/16]

· Drug Company CEO All but Gloated over Huge Drug Price Increases [New York Times, 2/2/16]

By now it feels familiar — pharmaceutical CEOs run their companies like Wall Street hedge funds, buying the rights to produce drugs that have been on the market for decades, usually where there are no competitors. Before long, the drug companies raise prices astronomically, all at the expense of patients and taxpayers. One CEO even had…

Rep. Kurt Schrader

Proudly representing Oregon's 5th Congressional District

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