Top 5 Reasons to Partner with a Co-packer

When seeking a co-packing partner, you will find they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and breadth of services offered. To determine when you need to outsource and how to determine a compatible partner, I offer you these top 5 reasons to partner with a co-packer.

“Secondary Co-packing” by Repack Canada

Secondary co-packing is our specialty! We have the facility, equipment and licensing to put your food or pharmaceutical product into its secondary packaging. This means we will take food or pharmaceutical product already in its retail packaging and do your bidding:

Shrinkwrapping Club Packs

Assembling & Packing Pallet Displays

Labelling or Overlabelling

Lot Coding



Top 5 Reasons to Partner with a Co-packer

So why would you want to partner with us specifically? I’ve made a nice neat list of 5 Reasons To Partner with a Co-packer. (Plus for your future reference: DOWNLOAD FREE CHECKLIST — Is it time to partner with a Co-packer?)

Here we go!

1. Outsource to an Expert

Experience: Co-packers already have trained staff at the ready, with warehouse space dedicated to co-packing. They offer expertise on services you may find too time-consuming, too complicated or simply too expensive for you to perform in house.

2. Systems In Place

Safety and Quality: A reliable co-packer has SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and efficient packaging line systems already in place. A facility such as ours follows GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) and is licenced and certified by Health Canada.

3. Machinery Investments and Upkeep

Equipment: No need to rent/buy/store/operate/repair equipment when a co-packer already has theirs in house. And hey, they already know how to use and maintain their forklifts, shrinkwrappers, lot coders, labellers, flowwrappers, and how to make it run your job with greatest efficiency.

4. Who Do You Trust?

Transparency /Trust: “Generally speaking the more transparent a co-packer is, the more trust will likely develop between partners. Considering this could be your brand’s most important partnership, that trust factor is critical.”* Upon first introductions, interview and tour your co-packing choices. You want to feel good about who you are dealing with and what their facility looks like and runs like. Ensure their costing holds no surprises for you. For instance, Repack Canada bills to estimate.

5. One-Stop-Shop

Materials: Co-packers already have suppliers and partners in place and often at a better rate than you may get for a one-off sale with a supplier you are yet to even research.

A Repack Canada “value add” is direct access to their marketing and graphic design branch, The Freelance Portfolio, for promotional and graphic design support.

BONUS: But Wait, There’s More!

Bonus Reason #6. Whatever-it-takes Customer Service

With a co-packer like Repack Canada, it is their business to do #whateverittakes to turn your job around with highest priority. “Find a reliable partner in copacking and sales promotions: you will be amazed at the time + money + energy you can save.”**

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*”5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Co-packer“, by Liz Myslik


by Eira Braun-Labossiere

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