3 Alternative Off-Page SEO Techniques to Build a Brand’s Reputation

Links represent clear signals to search engines indicating them that your website is high quality and relevant. However it’s not always needed to have a link in order to enhance your reputation as a brand. There are a few other non-link reputation signals that matter too.

Business and Directory Profiles

Setting up a website is the first building block for the online presence of your business. The next step is creating a business directory and social media profiles. Creating profiles on various authoritative sites signals search engines that your business is legitimate and has an established presence. Moreover, these profiles often allow you to link back to your site.

Create business profiles on all leading social media and business directory sites related to your industry. If you have a physical location or store, also set up a Google My Business page as this helps your brand appear local search results.

Social Shares and Likes

While there is no official confirmation that shares and likes on social media represent an off-page SEO factor, it definitely impacts a brand’s reputation.

A strong social presence builds authority and reputation. It has a cascading effect in forming brand followers, distributing your content online, and drives new traffic to your website. Naturally this leads to increasing website traffic and views, which directly impacts the SEO of your online assets.

That is why social media marketing becomes a key part of your SEO strategy by creating shareable content, adding social share buttons to your content, and having engaging and active social media pages.

Influencer Marketing

Another effective method to scale your reputation is by leveraging the reputation of others online. With an influencer marketing strategy, you can build relationships with other influential brands or personalities and invite them to collaborate in sharing and promoting content.

Shares from influencers not only have an impact on your SEO, but it also has the potential to gain you new followers and prospective customers. It sends traffic to your site, increases the mentions of your brand online, and adds authority to your brand.

Building your reputation online is a collaborative process and has much more impact when done in cooperation with others. Look for strategic partnerships and form mutually beneficial relationships with other influencers who can help you get more exposure from audiences that are relevant to you.