Top 4 Tips to Get Your New Business Discovered Online

By Africa Studio via

For new businesses, the first step to developing and maintaining a strong online reputation is to simply let customers know you exist.

Here are four of the key first steps new businesses should take to catch the eye of customers online:

Active Social Media has over 32 million users in the UK alone. All of these user profiles are connected to other profiles and they form a vast web through which all users are eventually reachable. For businesses starting out, social media is ideal. If you create engaging content, your followers will share it with their friends and those friends will share with even more friends, gradually catching the attention of a wider audience.

By consistently sharing creative and popular content on social media, you will establish a positive reputation online that will appeal to more and more people.

Start a Blog, one of the internet’s biggest blog hosting sites, has over 409 million visitors every month. That’s a stunningly huge audience actively seeking out new content. If you can attract the interest of blog readers with high quality and well informed content, they’ll become more aware of your brand. A widely read and respected blog is a great way to build a strong online reputation for your business.


The services of different businesses will often complement one another. For example, your product might be sold via another, more established, shop or even website. If that seller already has a base of customers, teaming up for some mutually beneficial marketing can help your business build awareness from a wider audience.

Manage Your Online Reputation

If you’ve undertaken all the steps above successfully, customers will start searching for your business. If, when they Google your company name, they come across an array of negative or irrelevant pages, they will immediately lose trust in your brand. Keep your online reputation strong by keeping track of any negative material or comments. By publishing your own high quality and positive content online, you will push negative or irrelevant material further down the search results and away from the attention of customers.

Although every business begins small, by following a few simple steps it’s easy to build a great brand reputation online.