Why an Online Reputation Management Service Is Necessary 

A strong online reputation has a direct impact on the success of your company. People are more inclined to do business with a company when they recognize the brand and read positive content online. In order to ensure that your business builds a solid online reputation, consider an online reputation management (ORM) service. Here’s why:

Manage social media

As a business owner, you will likely use several social media platforms to market and advertise your company. Your utmost priority should be to designate a person whom you trust to publish appropriate content, as well as to respond professionally to comments on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you do not have a person to delegate this responsibility to and do not have time yourself, an online reputation management company can handle the task. An ORM firm has the resources to oversee several social media platforms and follow approved strategies to present your company’s brand to your preference. If your business’ reputation has been damaged by a former employee’s actions, either by their mishandling of your company’s social media accounts or of their own that directly impacted the company, a professional can help you re-establish a positive public appearance. From there, an ORM firm will monitor how your social media channels are performing in order to make necessary improvements going forward.

Ensure that you stay relevant

It can be difficult to plan content at a frequency that keeps your business relevant online. This is especially true if you are a new or small business with limited resources to dedicate to ORM. Hiring a company to strategize and plan an editorial calendar of blog and social media posts, as well as press releases, will help you in the long run. Work with them to produce high-quality content that demonstrates your knowledge of a specific subject, thus establishing yourself as an authority in your field. For content already published, you can have an ORM firm review the pieces to come up with a plan of action for improving them. Your ultimate goal should be to ensure that all of the content offers value and boosts your business’ credibility. In addition, you should publish content on a regular basis to keep your brand fresh in people’s mind.

Protection from defamation

No matter what type of company you run, there will come a time when you are faced with potential problems. These negative situations can be spurred by a disgruntled former employee or a customer who has had a bad experience. Since it is easy for customers to voice their opinions online, a single consumer complaint or angrily written blog article attacking your company can result in the loss of business. Use an ORM company to mitigate negative press. The firm focuses on creating and publishing positive media on your behalf, thus reducing the visibility of negative information. This goal can be achieved by leveraging search engine optimization strategies to boost search engine rankings of positive content. An ORM firm also monitors third-party websites, such as Yelp and Glassdoor that solicit feedback about companies from the public. By reviewing all platforms, an ORM company can make you aware when negative content arises and develop positive content to limit its impact.

Help in times of crisis

Part of your risk management plan should include using the services of an ORM company for handling crises. An ORM firm can draft press releases and supporting media to help your business overcome a questionable situation and instill a level of assurance in customers that makes them feel at ease about your brand. A good ORM company understands that customizing a crisis plan is necessary. Not only does a plan take into account a specific situation, but it also integrates strategies and tactics that uphold your company’s brand. When evaluating those ORM services that best fit your company’s needs, ask each potential firm you use to draft a crisis plan of action that keeps your business’ current online sentiment in mind. Review the proposed plans to see which candidate offers a scripted versus a personalized plan. From that point, you should eliminate those firms that do not provide customized examples and only consider those that offered personalized plans.

Assistance in avoiding cyber extortionists

Cyber extortionists charge a fee to remove undesirable online content about a person. At a later time, they reach out to the people they “helped” in order to solicit more money to keep the information hidden. Unlike these companies, an ORM firm does not provide a service that removes content from the Internet for a fee. Rather, they suppress negative content with positive articles and social media posts. Community advocacy, unique products and services, leadership and experience, association affiliations, and licensing are among the topics discussed in the content to create trust and loyalty. This method offers long-term benefits because content created by an ORM company will always be available online. You do not have to be concerned that harmful information will surface later based on your willingness to pay.

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