Voting: Modern Dimensions

Presidential elections hold no real purpose (but, but...) Shhhhhh. They don’t, and I’m sorry if that’s too much for you to bear. The fact is that there are people, families that control most of what you think the government does. So what are elections for?

Think of them as a gauge, a way to mark progress regarding mis/disinformation in relation to the rate of acceptance by the population under that media.

THIS ELECTION IS PIVOTAL, it's true, but not for the reasons that the media is providing. What the election will decide is whether or not you, the afflicted masses, are willing to buy into the charade in a way without precedent.

What matters in this election is not whether you choose republican or democrat, but whether or not you choose. By voting either way, you have fed into the study by admitting that you are willing to sacrifice what is in your best interest in order to follow a certain line of programming.

The implications of either of the two major candidates winning are of far greater consequence than which one is set into office, it will prove to a very small, elite, and ferocious group of people that you are willing to follow whatever directive you are channeled towards.

It is not beyond the realm of possibilities, I believe, to imagine that this election (as well as the humint information it garners) will evolve the way television shows are developed, how commercials are developed, and most dire; how legislation is developed.

The crossroads we are swiftly approaching will mark yet another milestone in the United States' paradigm and I do not believe that it is being scrutinized with the depth of criticism it drastically requires. I cannot stress enough that either of the major candidates being elected will take this country, and this world, down an ever increasingly dangerous path that will not only serve to further degrade the United States' freedoms but will also bring us perhaps, close if not into the fray of global warfare.

Neither leader has a comprehensive plan to address the failure of educational rank or investment in this country, both are fairly open about their policies that will at best slow, and at worst stifle completely research into forms of medicine that do not benefit their economic backers in the pharmaceutical industry. Both candidates have expressed a willingness to continue American aggression abroad and to continuously increase the military budget, a sector of the budget that is so staggeringly large, it encompasses the combined total of the next six or seven countries following it, who happen to be our allies with perhaps the exception of Russia, America's perennial evil distraction.

The public of the US is and has been flanked on all sides by ever-growing forms of oppressive authority be it governmentally, economically, or socially. We've reached a point where it should be prominent if not the number one priority of the public to begin to question these forms of authority and hold them accountable. These forms of authority as MIT professor and noted foreign policy critic Noam Chomsky said "Their authority is not self-justifying. They have to give a reason for it, a justification. And if they can’t justify that authority and power and control, which is the usual case, then the authority ought to be dismantled and replaced by something more free and just." Our failure to do so may very well have lasting effects that once embodied, may be irreversible without extreme forms of resistance that will put both sides in serious danger.

In a month's time, you may lend favor to a future that will cease to represent, reflect, care, or protect you and your contemporaries. Think first, it's almost too late.