Wedding cakes

What are they? I know they are the cake the bride and groom cut on their wedding day!!! I KNOW!! That’s not really my question… I think I should rephrase it” what flavor must they be?” And is there a specific flavor for them? Do they have to be fruit cakes with those raisins in them? I remember growing up, I would never eat the cakes at weddings(still don’t) because I didn’t like fruit cakes! Then I went to a wedding where the cake came out and it was an amazing sponge cake!!! I had doubles of my double serving!! I was so happy!! I was however pulled off my cake induced ecstasy by a loud gasp from the table next to me. It was followed by “ is this what they are serving as their wedding cake?? What is this generation coming to? They have no regard for tradition! Don’t they know the symbolism of the things that go into making a wedding cake?! Everything that goes into it goes in for a reason” I thought I was baffled by this till I heard the comment of her friend. She said “no wonder the incidence of divorce in their generation is so high!!” Now I was just flabbergasted!! What??? How does anyone say that about someone else’s wedding cake choice and marriage? How were they even invited? I started obsessing about this issue and did some research. I later had a cake consultation with a client who wanted a wedding cake but without the fruits. Like me, she didn’t fancy fruit cakes much. So before answering her, I did some more digging and research so I could give her some more information do she could make an educated choice for her wedding cake. These are the main ideas of what I found out

  1. The tradition of wedding cakes begun in Ancient Rome! And it wasn’t a cake, but bread. The guests would break it and shower it on the couple as a sign of good luck.
  2. 2. During the baking of the wedding pie (yes a pie! Didn’t become a cake till the 19century or so) the bride hid a glass ring in it. And who ever got it in their slice was the next to get married….. much like throwing the bouquet in our era
  3. 3. Fruit cakes were a sign of good luck and prosperity for the couple and caught on. It is also said that it was the most special and loved to cake to make back in the 19th century so it was served on special occasions such as weddings.

From these and the many other snippets of information I gathered, there is no hard and fast rule about how to make and which recipes were to be used as wedding cakes. You are free to have any flavor of cake you want for your wedding! The same way wedding cakes evolved from bread to pie before becoming a fruit cake shows that it can evolve further to a pound cake, chocolate cake or even a back forest cake. The prosperity which is allegedly the reason for fruit cakes can also evolve further to something else! You decide! It’s your choice!

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