Having whipped cream on cakes is fast becoming the in thing all around the world. Most clients are opting for whipped cream over butter cream because of its “ice cream like” taste and the presumed absence of sugar in it.

But my question is “Is it really the best for everyone?”

I live in Ghana where our average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. Whipped cream melts in our climate FAST! It becomes an arduous task keeping the cakes in form before they are cut into and eaten.

Most clients prefer whipped cream to butter cream because they think it is dramatically less fatty and sugary. What they do not know is whipping cream has a minimum 35% fat and also most bakers add some icing sugar to make room for flavor and taste. Not to mention the Calories (300kcal for every 100ml) Which means whipped cream is not as innocent of being fat free like most clients think. It might not be as much as for butter cream which can range between 40 and 80% fat but it’s still a lot.

Given the amounts of whipped cream you have to use(almost twice what you’re use for buttercream) and the trouble you have to go through in this climate to keep it from melting,I just don’t think it’s worth the trouble.

Just like in real life… there are many trendy things….So cool and so chique but not necessarily meant for everyone. People have to try and try twice as hard to keep up with trends and most of the time, they end up frustrated and never finding who they really are and their ultimate happiness .

You need to find what works best for you. Stick to it and rock it because once you are rocking whatever it might be, that’s when you become a star. No one sees whether it’s en vogue or old school, in or out of the norm. And it’s only then that you become truly happy.

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