Stratifyd tours DC74 Data Centers

Alan Fitzpatick, COO of DC74 directed the tour

Since the internet has been invented, data has been exchanged between servers throughout the world. When you strike your keyboard on a website, that data is routed to the server and then sent back to you as an output on your monitor. The route that data takes can be by electrical wire, wireless, or by fiber. Connections between different data centers makes our use of the internet possible. In the transmission of data to one place to another, the data is encrypted and decrypted. No one likes it when the internet lags behind. We become furious when servers go offline. We become enraged when our information is hacked.

These pain points we experience as businesses and customers are addressed by data centers. Transmission of data is an increasingly vital business need.

In 2008, Charlotte’s DC74 Data Centers entered the market to offer server colocation, cloud services, disaster recovery solutions, and high bandwidth solutions to businesses. DC74 offers 7 layers of physical security, multiple power generators on site, as well as 24x7x365 customer access and network operations center. DC74 specializes in speed and flexibility, and has been known to turn up new customers the same day they sign the service order. With DC74 100% power up-time guarantee, you can have peace of mind that your equipment will always be connected to the web. Stratifyd is proud to be a partner of DC74.

Would you like to learn more about DC74? Visit for more information. If you would like to schedule a tour of DC74, please call 704–405–8636 or email

Private Cages available at DC74 Data Centers
Colocation area at DC74 Data Centers