The Plight of the Reserved Gunner

We’re southerners, we’re Londoners, we’re reserved, we’re the Arsenal majority.

We don’t scream from the rooftops. We don’t want to appear with Robbie on Arsenal TV. We don’t want to chant against our own players. We don’t want to demonstrate before the games. We don’t want to hold up banners. We don’t want to shout at our coach as it leaves the ground.

Sorry, but it’s just not us.

Don’t take that as a sign that we don’t care. We care. We really fucking care.

Don’t think that just because we don’t shout as loud as another fan that we don’t love our club. We love Arsenal. We really fucking love Arsenal.

Don’t think that just because we don’t want our faces plastered all over the internet that we don’t hurt. We hurt. We are really fucking hurting right now.

Don’t think that just because we don’t want to hold up banners that we don’t want change. We want change. We are really fucking desperate for a change.

And don’t think that just because we don’t want to do all these things, that we are against those that do. We are with them. Good on them. Good on @Arsenal_Trooper ‏for speaking up (take the piss all you like, but at least he’s being heard). Good on @ArsenalFanTv for giving those fans a platform to have their say. And (through gritted teeth) good on @piersmorgan ……..actually…….. wait a second…….no…………fuck Piers Morgan, he’s still a cunt…….he may be right, but a cunt nonetheless, so fuck him.

If you’re not one of us ‘reserved’ fans you probably don’t understand why we aren’t more vocal. I’m not a psychologist, so I don’t have the answer for you. We are the people that don’t like dancing without a few sharpeners inside us. We don’t like giving speeches, telling jokes, or in any way being the centre of attention. All these things just make us feel uncomfortable.

There is a part of us that wants to be the guy who starts the chant, but we don’t. We just wait for those guys to start the chant and then join in once we can anonymously blend into the crowd. (aside: every rule has it’s exceptions, so I must confess that I did once start a chant! It was such an exception that I remember it well and have built it up in my head to something legendary that it never was! Wembley 1998. FA Cup final v Newcastle. A few lagers had been drunk on the way to the ground. A trip to the toilet somehow bought about a momentary wave of extroversion and I found myself shouting “Oh Teddy Teddy…….” To my relief the rest of the bog responded to my call, and a legend was born in my head.)

Speaking of Newcastle, their fans are probably the antithesis of ours. I’m not jumping on this ridiculous media spouted claptrap that Geordies are the best fans. They’re not. And that’s my whole point. Just because they shout louder than us doesn’t mean they are better fans, just different. When they hated the direction that their owner was taking them they protested hard & loud. There was no confusion about what they wanted (fat lot of good it did them, but that’s not the point). Arsenal fans have been through years of mediocrity, and still there are only a few small banners inside the stadium. Still there are only murmurings of discontent (at home games at least). No wonder the manager, the board, and the owner (not that he would even care) think that it is only a small minority that want a change. They live in their millionaire bubbles. They don’t watch Arsenal TV. They don’t listen to the phone-in after the game. They don’t walk to the ground to see the protest outside. They don’t chat to the quiet fans in the pubs before the game. They just see a few banners and probably believe that it is a minority opinion, but it’s not.

So what can we do to get the message through? How can we protest in a way that enables us to quietly go on supporting the team that we love? How can we avoid bringing negativity into the stadium?

I want to support the team I love. I don’t want to boo them. I want to win every game. Just like @gunnerblog and @arseblog, I don’t believe that loosing a game will be a good thing, even if it helps force a change. Maybe one day I will change my mind, but I (and probably the silent majority) am not there yet.

So we need to find a way to make our point. Find a way to support our team 100% (not 110% because that is just idiotic and clearly impossible, and if you think it is possible then why are you not supporting it 111% or even 112% etc..), whilst making our point to the board and the owner.

And yes, I’m not mentioning Wenger. Why? Does this mean that I support him? Does this mean that I want him to stay? Does this mean that I can’t see the managerial and tactical inadequacies? No, no & no. He has to go. I just don’t want Arsenal fans to think that Wenger going will end all our problems. His leaving will just be the start of our plight (and once he has gone we will soon fall back in love with him for all the great and wonderful things he has done for us).

But we will never have any feelings for this board, for Ivan fucking Gazidis, and for Stan fucking Kroenke. Fuck them. There will be no statues for them. And once Wenger has gone we will still have Ivan & Stan, and a bunch of incompetents running our franchise business brand club.

Anyway, I digressed. What was I saying? Oh yes. How do we support our team whilst making it clear that we don’t support the custodians that have infiltrated our club?

Whatever we do has to be done inside the stadium. That is where the board cannot hide in their shells. They are there somewhere (apart from Stan who gives not even two shits about us). They may be hard to spot, but they are there.

But I, and the thousands like me, want to go to every game supporting and cheering my Arsenal. I want to wear the top, hold up the scarf, and sing the songs (once someone near me has started and a few others have joined in).

The best idea I’ve managed to come up with is to turn our home stadium yellow? I love our yellow away colours. I’m proud to wear our yellow kit. I’m as happy wearing my classic yellow top, as I am my classic red top. I wouldn’t feel at all disloyal turning up to a home game in my away top. I would be able to give my 100% support to the team, but show this fucking duplicitous board and owner how much I hate them.

Would I do this on my own? Would I make a stand by myself? Would I lead the away shirt protest? Ummmm, no. Obviously not. Have you not read the rest of this piece?

Someone else will have to do it first, and just like singing a song, I will join in once a few others around me have taken the leap.

Sorry to disappoint you but that’s just the type of supporter I, and many others like me, are.

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