A case study on Greetabl: Turning a clever product into a robust digital business & brand experience.

B/C recently worked with the Greetabl team to turn their clever “super card” into a complete digital brand and business. Through our strategic business recommendations, platform restructuring, branding and web design, we were able to take a product to a next level gifting experience. Here is how:

Know your audience and get in their head

As we began to dive into current trends, consumer behavior and understand the value of the product with the Greetabl team, we identified a gap in the marketplace for a small but thoughtful, all inclusive gift that would appeal to our target audience — we coined her “The Giver”.

She is the woman who makes the buying decisions and wants to make the people in her life feel special, no matter the occasion. It was important to consider where she shops, what she reads, how she gives gifts, who she is following on social media and how and where she is buying products; so we could create a brand that fit into her life.

Once we got to know her, we could start thinking like her and identify where Greetabl could fill a void. When sending a card is too little and flowers or an expensive gift too much, the new Greetabl was the answer; a convenient and customizable, all inclusive gifting solution.

Created a digital platform and model to fill The Gifting Gap(tm)

As we dug deeper into the mind of the giver and explored how she gives and wants to give gifts, we identified the following:

  • She wants it to feel warm, personalized and custom.
  • She wants it to to be something that she would like to receive.
  • She wants it to feel special, unique and not gimmicky.
  • She wants something that you can’t just find anywhere.
  • She wants it to be perfectly packaged and sent right to her receiver to save her the hassle at the post office.

This insight brought us (B/C + Greetabl) to an online gifting model, the new “greetabl” that included the patented box that unfolds into a greeting card + a curated gift + customization & personalization + perfectly packaged parcel that was shipped directly to the receiver’s door.

Bring the brand promise to life with voice and visuals

Based on the giver’s tastes and expectations we defined a strong brand tone and voice to create brand recognition and visuals that were completely unique to Greetabl. We kept the brand voice light and fun and utilized brand styles that resonated with “The Giver” to tell the story of the product & convey the sentiment of gifting. We worked with the Greetabl team to curate the gifts and the style of the gift boxes to create a cohesive brand experience, down to the last detail.

It is exciting to see our strategy in action! Since launching 8 weeks ago Greetabl won the TechCrunch pitch off in St. Louis and has gotten a lot of press and recognition, topping gift guide lists and more: Glitter Guide, Real Simple, Product Hunt, Ivanka Trump, STL Mag, STL Business Journal.