“Know Your Resources” breaking news: MDCalc now an app!

As a techie/IM resident it’s sometimes embarrassing what I get excited about, but I just can’t contain myself about this one! MDCalc is now an app! That’s right, everyone’s favorite online calculator has now caught up with the times and has been made into a beautiful, fully functional app!

“That’s great,” you say, but how is it different from MedCalX or Calculate by QxMD?

I feel like Iltifat Husain, MD over at iMedicalApps.com sums it up well:

“Saying MDCalc.com simply performs medical calculations or just copy and pastes medical algorithms is not true — there’s a lot more to the platform. The physician team behind MDCalc goes several steps further and actually tells you what a clinical decision calculation means. For almost every clinical decision tool there are sections dedicated to ‘Pearls/Pitfalls’, ‘Points to keep in mind’, ‘Use cases’, and ‘Why use it’. MDCalc has even gone as far as to get quotes and advice from the original authors of many of the clinical decision tools listed and provides that information publicly…I firmly believe a big part of why MDCalc.com is so popular is because the platform is run by a team of physicians who actually practice medicine.”

Check it out for yourself:

MDCalc (website): http://apps.mdcalc.com/

MDCalc (support site): http://www.mdcalc.com/paging/

Or click here for Dr. Husain’s full review of the app, including an interview with app developers, Dr. Joe Habboushe, an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center and Dr. Graham Walker, an attending Emergency Medicine Physician in San Francisco.