“Sometimes” Days and the Mindfulness app — Headspace

Sometimes your day just sucks. Sometimes your presentations are crappy, and you have to tell one of your patients that they have cancer, and you get late admissions when you’re supposed to be leaving. Sometimes you finish all of your work just to realize that if you drive home you’ll only get 6 hours of sleep, instead of 7 if you decide to sleep at the hospital (all the surgery residents reading this are like, “6 ain’t bad, bro!”)

Sometimes, on days such as these, you find yourself trying to fall asleep in a dusky call room that just happens to be built next to the building’s clanky heater unit. Between the rattling of the heater and the static in your mind you begin to panic that you might be a wreck tomorrow if you don’t manage to turn your brain off. You didn’t bring your sleeping pill, because you didn’t realize you’d be fulfilling your title as “resident.”

Then you remember that mindfulness app — Headspace — that you downloaded last year but never opened. You open it and listen to the first session, which guides you through a mindfulness exercise which amazingly tames the static and silences the panic. You find relief in realizing that, for a second, you don’t have to be a slave to your worries and preoccupations, but that you can just accept that they are there, regardless of what they are shouting. You can watch the traffic of your mind go by, instead of frantically weaving through it.

Check it out, here. Unfortunately, you have to subscribe after the first week of free trial. But hopefully by then you’ll be a zen master. What are other mindfulness apps that you find useful to get you through the “sometimes” days?

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