Be Yourself Regardless What Society Thinks

I want to remind you who I want to be.

To show you why I haven’t become her yet. You’ve held her back for some many times and this is the time where I want to make this happen because I’ve meaning to become “this” girl yet you seem to give me reasons not to, for some reason.

With all the given expectations and standards that society and government expects of us some being ethical and logical in some ways but others put our own mental health at risk. For how it makes us be someone that we aren’t confident, content and happy with being. But also how it completely destroys all own beliefs, values, priorities, and much more.

It makes us super challenging to stay strong regardless of what society and the government want from us as responsible citizens of society.

Regardless of how society and the government expects of me, I’m gonna stay strong and continue embracing the person that I’m meant to be.

Why? Because it’s one of my main priorities, beliefs and values of mine. And no matter what they go against or what rules or laws they break, nothing will stop me from doing what’s right and best for me.

My mental health is so crucially important just as it is for everyone else’s. And I’m willing to continue taking risks and being uncomfortable to get the change and outcomes that I deserve and expect in return.

I don’t care what anyone in society thinks or believes. I only care about what I think of myself and that should always be important to focus on.

So no matter how hard core my own family tries in getting me to change my attitude, behaviours, thoughts and actions, I’m not gonna stop.

I’ve come too far in my recovery to stop now. My recovery and mental health is too important to risk unhealthy things like that.

Mental health is just as important as our own physical health. So why aren’t we talking opening about the importance of both as equals?

The stigma and discrimination around mental illness and mental health has been the thing preventing our whole society viewing, thinking, acting, speaking and treating mental health with the respect, care, treatment and awareness that it truly deserves!

So many citizens of society still don’t understand the importance of mental health as well as how their beliefs, facts, thoughts and research is inaccurate to follow.

They don’t get how the words they speak along with their actions are affecting overall society. How not only guns are the killer weapon but also words too. Speaking the wrong words triggers suicidal thoughts for someone and also encouraging them to act on the thought leading to using props like guns, rope, etc to succeed in suicide: killing themselves.


Committing suicide is the wrong term to use. Killing oneself is not a crime. This term along with many others should be removed from all of society’s vocabulary.

Mental health is so crucially important and regardless of what anyone has to say: it’s not a bad thing to disclose your mental illness in a job interview along with adding it on your resume. It would be so unethical to fire or refuse to interview or hire someone with a mental illness. It may be illegal to clarify to a candidate of the true reason why they fired, or refused to hire or interview someone because of their mental illness.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. But stigma and bias shame us all. ~ Bill Clinton

Mental illness does not define someone.

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