Beautiful People

Beauty comes from within:

When it comes to being beautiful as a human being in our society, it’s not easy with all the standards and expectations society expects of us. But we can break free from this cycle. Nothing is impossible!

You just have to have the right mindset and that takes time to find and to adjust to. For example the new changes in your lifestyle… Everything changes!

He encouraged me to try something outside my comfort zone. Let go of what you think should happen and open yourself up to the vast rich world of possibility. ~ P Is For Pigeon

Have any of you readers experienced any kind of inner peace within yourself? If so, how does that feel? What do you love about the feelings for it and how much and how far you’ve come in recovery from any mental illness/addiction or eating disorder?

For me, I’ve accomplished that and all else with self love, self confidence, and all else in the mental health area!

When it comes to both inner and outer beauty, have two different sides with viewing. So here’s views on both from Girl Meets World!

I’m here to argue today that beauty actually is “skin deep.” So I’ve done some research, and I’ve learned that it is. When you get compliments from people who don’t ordinarily compliment you. When people look at you differently. Packaging does matter. I wasn’t pretty, then I was. This is a world where “pretty” seems better somehow. Which is too bad, but it’s not debatable. However, I also learned that if you get swept up about what you are on the outside, you can lose who you are on the inside.

Even though it is easy to be fooled by the beauty of the Trojan Horse, its real power comes from the army within. Intelligence, compassion, integrity, courage. That army is the real you. No matter what you look like. So, even though beauty may be skin deep, beauty is nowhere near as important as the army inside. And I’ll try not to forget that.

Never assume! Look more deeply. Just because something is wrapped up all pretty, doesn’t mean it is. – Cory Mathews, Girl Meets World

Never assume because it will make an ass out of you and me! Hear other people’s stories before you make any judgments. And when you hear their stories, be mindful. Which means to be 100% in the present moment without any judgments. Being non-judgmental is something all of us have a habit of not doing and can be hard and challenging, and that’s where change happens!

But you can’t just do half an effort, you gotta put your all into everything. It also takes patience, effort, hard work, commitment, dedication/motivation and all else that is involved.

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