Dating Sites

This is a new reason behind why I don’t like nor am comfortable with using dating sites. This quote has proof of my reasoning: “Even as mainstream as dating apps have become, there is still this idea that meeting someone online is desperate or that finding love at first swipe is somehow less real than falling for some random passerby.”

We still have a long time before we can analyze the long terms effects that dating apps have on romance but I’m not sure it really matters how or where we fall in love. We’re lucky if we even find it because it’s tough out there.

Did you meet someone on a dating app? Were you missing that spark?

I’ve tried many dating sites and didn’t find any guys that had any of the qualities/traits that I’m looking for, but mainly the important ones:

  • Kind
  • Sweet
  • Romantic
  • Is looking for a serious relationship
  • Won’t rush anything (sex)…
  • Funny
  • Cute
  • Fun to be around, plans fun, cute, romantic and memorable dates
  • Goofy
  • Shares interests, hobbies of mine
  • Knows how to care of mental health (only want a guy who is not only good with their mental health but mine too)
  • Knows how to make a girl (me) smile!
  • Uses romantic gestures to keep me interested and shows effort being put into relationship and I promise to do the same!
  • Honesty
  • Loyal
  • Genuine
  • Handsome (which that is every guy)
  • Does things to protect me (arms around my body, arm around my shoulders, cuddles, etc)
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