Demi Lovato’s Book, Inspires Me

Staying Strong: 365 days a year

I watched a few videos of Demi’s inspiring speeches on Youtube and found myself looking at the screen showing “Demi Lovato: Staying Strong: 365 days a year” – I want her book along with the journal and necklace that comes together (which iI found on both eBay & Indigo/Chapters website).

I believe that it would be a great book to read, to be inspired, and learn more about Demi Lovato’s experiences with her illness and being such a great, confident, beautiful, inspiring, talented & amazing advocate for this epidemic and as a role model herself to millions of her fans. I also believe that it would help, benefit for me in recovering from my relapse. Therefore I have this on my 20th birthday list and hope I get it! October 25th: 35 days from now!