Experiences = Career?

A huge part of what life has are highs and lows and they can be hard to cope and overall maintain a healthy lifestyle with. And with all the important issues out there in our world, there are many reasons why anyone can become anything they want to, no matter what. You don’t have to have suffered from a mental illness to be successful as a counsellor.

Yes it can be more helpful for those out there who have suffered and in recovery from their own mental illness(s); helping others become unashamed of their illness, realise their own real and true potential, practice better and healthier habits, create a better lifestyle, be physically and mentally happy, and also using your own healthy coping methods that you’ve used in your recovery to help them in result. That feeling, oh how that really makes it all worth it and ever so rewarding.

“I find a way to keep going.” – Alaric
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