Fake It Till You Make It?

Is this realistic yet logically smart in any sense?

We all have been there. We’ve all found ourselves faking our own emotions just to fit in with the rest of the world. We fake our real personalities just to be accepted by society because we know with very little logic that they won’t accept the real person that’s inside us; in which we chose to keep inside.

Hidden to prevent ourselves from getting hurt. But regardless of that, it still ends up hurting us, destroying us for not being true to ourselves.

A smile can hide more than you may think it can. And when pain and other things hide away, it only destroys you. Most of us or all of us have hide something long enough to not only drive us crazy but also destroy us too.

Pain also changes us. Pain changes our personality. We learn what our past life taught us and we then decide who we can and can’t trust for example.

Many years ago, I chose to open up to my parents about a couple things during two different days and they didn’t take me seriously. And ever since thrn, I’ve learned to stop being honest with them and just keep it to myself where it continued to destroy me.

Years later, they try to mean what they say on hearing me out without using their beliefs or chosen mindsets, without assuming and just listening to me. as one of the five ways to break the stigma is listening. And guess what? They still continued their old and original habits of interrupting me while in my speech of what’s on my mind.

Mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.

Unhappy, you gotta take the awareness, acceptance and do something by taking one step, one day at a time to becoming mentally healthy.