Fall In Love With Yourself & Each Moment

It’s time to start embracing and accepting our lives as they are. I know it may be challenging enough to work on. But we have to. How do I know this? Because with all that I’ve been through in my life so far in the beginning of young adulthood, I’ve come to struggle a lot with being content or grateful for all that I have in my life.

Some things that come to our minds are why we can struggle easily enough with achieving a goal like this. But we have to ask ourself: Do we want to be happy? If so, we must slowly focus our minds on healthier and positive things.

Even though everyone goes through hard, challenging times as well as traumatic moments, we have to learn what those moments can teach us, let go and move on. It keep in mind to not beat yourself up if you find yourself looking back because that’s human.

You want to conquer the fear of reality or the anxiety of it, be in the moment, be in the now. Leaving behind all judgments and just focusing your mind to what’s happening all around you.

It’s time you start taking control of your life. You want to start living the dream life you want, start working. Your dreams don’t work unless you do.

It’s time you take some time to dedicate to taking it easy on yourself. You probably have been through many events recently that have been really hard on you whether it was in your control or not. Or things that involved your own recovery. Feeling in pain?

Would you rather be blissfully ignorant or pained and aware?

Courage is taking a stand when nobody else will stand with you

Thinking about all the things that are wrong with the world, society, economy, government, school boards… makes me wanna do something about them all. The world needs more people like me to actually go out and make a difference and change the world for the better, for the right things.

Take it easy on yourself. It’s time you do some self care for yourself. Take a nice bath, watch some romantic comedies or whatever you’re into, listen to calming or romantic music, anything. As long as it doesn’t harm one’s mental health.

Take a break and take care of yourself. You deserve to take a self care day. You’ve earned it enough no matter what has happened.

You want to just call it a lazy loungey kind of day? Do it, get in some comfy lounge clothes on your comfy couch and watch whatever you like. Or take a nap, do whatever you feel is right to take care of yourself.

Don’t stress or worry about cleaning your room, do it when your not in a bad or sensitive mood. I find that doing chores of any kind when you’re feeling super sensitive and emotional, isn’t a good idea.

But if you do find yourself doing that, and you feel you can finish the task you are working on, don’t worry about it. Just stop when you feel you can and do something to help care for yourself. Because you need and deserve to.

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