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Nataly Kogan has done her research on happiness over many years as her being in her 40's. And in result she has turned it into a new investment and innovation called Happier.

An app offered free in the App Store known as an online gratitude journal, but similar to all those other social media apps but different in all it’s unique and beautiful, special ways!

Each day includes a quote, a video, reading, challenge and an activity of posting involving the given challenge.

Change is possible as long as you set your mind to it and never let go of your hope. Because it’s what makes and brings you the change that you deserve and need.

Sometimes we don’t get what we want, but if we’re lucky, we get what we need.

Beauty comes within ourselves. On the inside where your “real army” lies: compassion, courage, intelligence, integrity. As stated below, Smackle from “Girl Meets World” inspires us with her debate speech on “inner beauty”

I’m here to argue today that beauty is actually skin deep. So I’ve done some research and I’ve learned that it is. When you get compliments from people who don’t ordinarily compliment you. When people look look at you differently. Packaging does matter. I wasn’t pretty, then I was. This is a world where pretty seems better somehow. Which is too bad but it’s not debatable. However, I also learned that if you get swept up by what you are on the outside, you can lose who you are on the inside. Even though it’s easy to be fooled by the beauty of the Trojan horse. It’s real power comes from the army within. Intelligence, compassion., integrity, courage. That army is the real you. No matter what you look like. So even though beauty is skin deep., beauty is no where as important as the army inside. And I’ll try not to forget that.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the most self-critical and unforgiving of them all?

I think you know the answer.

When I was doing “How To Look Good Naked,” the hardest part for each women was that first moment when we’d stand together in front of all those mirrors and take a totally candid look at her body – never to criticize, but to be honest about what we were working with – big butts, big thighs, round bellies, – and go from there. One of the most positive and exciting transformations that can take place at the mirror is when a women begins to understand that she actually looks better than she thinks she does. And that most parts of her body rock in some way or another. That incredible moment at the mirror is when someone finally sees a path to saying “I love myself for who and what I am, and I’m going to choose to feel beautiful and confident” – and meaning it.

Why is it so important to change how you see yourself? Because it will change how you feel and act and live your life each and every moment of each and every day.

Magazines, impossible beauty, perfection

Of course they do. Despite our doubts and some actual differences (like having the benefits of the best lighting, the best photographers, and all the airbrushing and photoshopping that money can buy – you know, no biggie!) they’re just like us. Meaning: they’re not perfect either.

They beauty ideals you’re measuring yourself against and always feeling like you’re falling short of – absolutely perfect skin, perfect hair, and perfect bodies – are impossible to achieve because even the models posing in those pictures don’t actually look like that in real life!

And if they don’t really look like that in real life, then how can you expect yourself to?

Instead, live up to your own ideal by taking inspiration from the only person you can truly give it to you: you. Follow my Three Self-Esteem Commandments to really start to transform they way you see yourself: embrace what’s great about yourself, accept what’s not so great about yourself and decide to be the best and most amazing version of yourself that you can possibly be:

  1. Honor thy curves, laugh-lines, and stretch marks if you have them.
  2. Covet not thy neighbor’s tiny waist, wrinkle-free brow, and yoga butt.
  3. Ignore the visions of perfection that dance in your head and fall in love with who you are right now.

Confession time: I’m one of those people who hates to exercise. (Unless it’s shopping and then, well sign me up for an outlet-store marathon. Or triathlon.) The dread, the procrastination, the endless excuses…it’s exhausting and I haven’t even done anything yet! But something happened to change all that: when I did “Dancing With The Stars,” I was moving constantly and I never felt better. I also never looked better. That’s when I realized there’s a big trick to exercise: find things that don’t feel like exercise!

I don’t know much about science, but I do know that just twenty minutes of moving your body – preferably outside – has huge health benefits, both physical and emotional. Moving gets the endorphins flowing, it clears your mind, and it reduces stress. It also burns calories and gets your heart pumping. All you have to do is find something you love to do and then go do it. Riding horses is something I love to do so much that sometimes I forget it’s actually good for me!

I’m not telling you to become a firefighter (even though it burns 900 calories/hour) or a stonemason (500 calories/hour), or to take up water polo (750 calories/hour), but: How about playing some badminton (350 calories/hour) or frisbee (220 calories/hour)? How about riding your bike into town (300 calories/hour), or kayaking (350 calories/hour), or carrying somebody’s golf clubs (400 calories/hour)?

Instead of the elliptical, try salsa dancing (400 calories/hour), or have some retro-fun with a Hula-Hoop (400–600 calories/hour) instead of your usual spin class. If all else fails, even pushing a shopping cart up and down the supermarket aisles is better than nothing (243 calories/hour – and that doesn’t count schlepping the bags to your car and into your house).

So, first: step away from the computer – just for a few minutes. Then: combine this ploy of tricking yourself into exercise with my favourite non-dieting trick of half of what’s on your plate and having only two bites of dessert. Before you know it, you’ll start feeling healthier and happier in ways that will totally surprise you, including the most surprising one of all: that you’ll actually start to like moving around! And that’s the magic of Step Four of the Happier Makeover: transforming a “To-Do” into a “Wanna-Do!”

One exercise trick that I’ve thought and considered doing is walking up and down the stairs at home. One day a few many years ago when I was still in high school, I helped me back bring every single piece of his work desk from upstairs to the basement to his new office (where he works, working from home most of the time with “Cisco”) and involved like 7 trips up and down the two flights of stairs, and made me feel good but decided that it was my workout for the day.

Already felt worked up or warmed up. And good for not only the personal gain, exercise wise, but with helping my dad with his desk.

Today’s challenge is to do something fun and easy today for twenty minutes that requires moving but doesn’t feel like exercise! Whether it’s taking a walk outside, or doing 80 laps around the mall, find something you like to do that gets you moving every day.

Before you know it, you’ll actually look forward to doing that-thing-that-isn’t-called-exercise!

Mine is shared above: 🔝

So we’re talking about this idea like a make happier makeover and I have to tell you want to think I have a really hard time with is doing nice things for myself. I always feel guilty saying this right I was like all you’re running around like a crazy you should go like you know a day is fine. Oh my god my god no no that’s a whole day, divide all the stuff.

I have heard people say that if you want to feel better and become happier, just something nice for someone else and that’s great and I’ve seen the bumper sticker and I totally (Nataly: A lot of science behind it) but I think even more powerful to you, instead of doing something nice for someone else even someone you don’t know why not do something nice for yourself?

I think it’s very hard to swallow. But I think most women are busy probably taking care of the family the kids their husbands for the working full-time is the last thing you’re thinking is that I’m gonna go to a spa for a day and maybe but do I was pissed off last and you never took time to take care of you.

You just really continually sending a message to yourself saying you’re not worth it you don’t deserve it you’re less and less and you’re not gonna be as good of a mom and nothing is better than employer a boss.

It’s really important subconsciously that you send a message to yourself that you’re worth it. It’s like those L’Oréal commercials there so that really true. It may seem a little selfish at first take in hour out of your week or day to do something for you. It is really important so you can figure it taken care of either.

You know it’s like Saturdays I go to this hip hop yoga class. Which is my favourite hour but I feel really guilty because I also have a daughter and on weekends I like to be with her. And I actually said to her, Mia I can’t decide. Should I go and she said that go, you always come out of there so happy. Right, I think that is what you’re talking about. (Carson: It’s a worthwhile investment).

It seems so selfish. – Nataly Kogan

This is really easy. This is your like on-guilty do something for yourself pampering moment and maybe start out with ten minutes. Something quick and easy that’s just about you.

It could be a mani-pedi, it could be a neck-shoulder massage, do something a small amount of time, small amount of monitoring investment but really rewarding because you need to do something that says “that you’re worthy and your important and you need to be taken care of.” Easy!

I’ve decided to spend my time for myself with my creativity. Rewarding myself with all my hard work in my recovery, and using all my gained knowledge, experience and all else to put into something as creative as I can set my mind to.

Probably in December or November I started working on one of many important and worthy (like all of them) articles on how Instagram can harm your mental health and adding all my gained knowledge and experiences to back up my proof towards my main statement and belief. Still currently working on it and will post shortly today for sure.

Tonight is my deadline! It’s time, I’ve put it off for long enough, it’s time to get it created, complete and out there in the world to inspire, encourage, educate, and change millions of lives!

Everything changes, but beauty remains. – Kelly Clarkson

I know it feels like a lifetime ago, but on the first day of our special time together I promised the Happier Makeover would be a completely positive transformation of how you see, think and feel about yourself (check!); that it would help improve your self-esteem and confidence through focusing on the positive instead of the negative (check!); and that it would leave you feeling happier and more confident than you did before (check!). On our last day together, today, I want to help you complete one of the most important steps in the Happier Makeover process: editing your closet.

I know. You just froze when I said that, because your closet isn’t just your closet – it’s a time machine full of the ghosts of skirts, and dresses and pants past – things that once fit but no longer do; full of failures (“I still haven’t lose that ten pounds I gained ten years ago!”) and maybes (“Maybe I’ll wear that when I lose the weight!”), and Just-in-Cases (“I’m keeping this just in case I ever fit into it again!”). You froze because if that’s what you think when you open up your closet, it means you’re not living in the here and now. And that’s where you have to be if you want to feel great and look great. Right now. Right this minute.

I truly recommend this course to anyone who needs or is seeking help for within yourself. With making the right changes for yourself: inner and outer. I also recommend many other courses offered by Happier:

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