Happiness – Something Everyone Has Their Stories For:

So many people suffer from mental illnesses, which makes it hard for them to be honestly happy inside and outside too. But May is Mental Health Month: so many people are sharing their stories, spreading awareness and promoting positive mental health!


Something I’ve been working on with my recovery and I’ve really felt a lot more of it and a lot longer than it has for so long that it has felt like it’s been. And has been ever so worth everything that I did to get me here: happy and happier too! Some things I am still working on figuring out but the other things I feel are in the right place and everything else that I don’t have will come when they come at the right time and I won’t think twice about it. Being happy as I have been for about more than a month that I’ve completed the end of my recovery has felt so amazing and was such a ride.

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with managing my moods, and overall positive mental health. I never knew it was a problem until one day presented itself to my door stating that I had a problem… ever since I’ve had struggled being happy longer than it ever has in my past alone.


Everything I learned, gained, experienced was amazing! I’m so grateful for everything here. I’m so happy for that too! Thank you God! Love you! Keep doing your thing. I deserve every little thing! My recovery has taught me a lot of things in which I’m truly so grateful for.

Positive Results

When I reached the end of my recovery, I finally felt like a normal human being. I felt happier which lasted longer than 1–2 hours. I felt like I could manage my life more at the point that I had moved past my mental health problems and accomplished my recovery. I was aware throughout my recovery of all the things that wasn’t seen the first time around. Plus many others like: pain (healed), accepted, let go and moved on from all my depression and anxiety had caused in the past 1–2 years or so.

Method In Happy Mood

Happier: I’ve had an account on Happier for about 3 years as of April this year and I’m so truly happy and grateful that I found it. It has helped me with personal goals, through my depression, my recovery and a lot of others things too. I do believe that Happier is a great resource to use if anyone ever needs a good push in their mental health and other things too. I would 100% recommend this app if you answered yes to this question.

We can creat other ways in everlasting happiness all around the world. Let’s join together to create many solutions and creative ideas for increasing happiness all around. Spread positive love, mental health as you can!