I’ll Show You What I’m All About

Being all that we are, we are constantly being judged just for being different and not following their standards and expectations. So what! You know what matters most here, what we think about ourselves.

For so many years we all have been down this road and its well agreed to say here that: it’s easier said than done to accomplish what makes us happy and what we want to achieve with our lives instead of listening to what society thinks and says!

Because through it all, the real logic and reason here is that what we want is what matters and stands out more than what anyone else says or thinks.

Wanting to be free!… been free out of the prison world where I got all caught up with society’s expectations and standards: losing sight of my self worth, self love, self control, self confident, self contentment and myself!

  1. Making a slight adjustment with my therapy plan for my treatment and recovery, with depression.
  2. Looking forward to calling for a follow up tomorrow with Kate Spade!
  3. Needing more time for self care and being able to recognize it and continue doing selfish things for myself as well as getting the help needed to help benefit with my current struggles emotionally and mentally!

One practice of self care that I use is cuddling with my cat as for it feels at many numerous situations with me and my parents being stubborn, blind and closed minded to seeing mental health and mental illness the way it should be viewed; making me feel like my cat, Franka is the only one who I can rely on to cuddle and help make me feel better.

When a lot of the times my parents choose taking away my electronics my punishment for acting wrong, not doing house chores, simple basic things they think is simple and easy enough. In which they expect me to do with no problem or struggle regardless of my depression and ADHD symptoms, as well as my sensitivity!

So many of us have struggled with showing the rest of the world what we we truly are capable of in reality! Because of the things we are told and taught by our parents: not to “be different” than anyone else. To stand out, but when in all reality, we are supposed to stand out and be different. We are all unique in our own ways!

We shouldn’t let anyone have the power over us to choose to do the wrong thing here in these situations. If anything it’s too prove them who’s wrong… them!

Perfection and normalcy are two things that no one should strive or aspire to become. Because I’m sure many of us have worked throughout our lives and struggled to be perfect at everything we do and to be perfect and normal.

Perfection is not healthy and nor should be encouraged or inspired to achieve or aspire to become. We need to have more people who aspire to inspire others to become imperfect and the opposite of normal!

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