Inner Beauty

Inner beauty is the moment when you not only believe in yourself but also believe that you are beautiful! Both also requires strength, courage, happiness, inner peace and self love in order to really succeed here!

For me, I’ve achieved all of these in a period little more than 2 years and I’m so deeply proud of myself for this huge yet super vitally important achievement of mine!

Beauty was something I lacked the real definition of. Because I followed the examples of those celebrities who are skinny enough you would think they may have a possible eating disorder or something. But lucky for me, after years of that lasting; I’ve finally achieved the right yet healthy definition of beauty.

Once I changed the picture in my head of what beauty truly and actually looks like, I start working from the inside out to transform myself into the person I have become! Next I decided to stop letting my parents take away my self worth after all those years. Regardless of the fact that no one should take away anyone’s self worth, we cannot let them have that kind of power to do that to ourselves.

If we love ourselves enough and want things to change, we need to stop letting people drag us down and take away our self worth like that. No more of that and plenty of the positive stuff. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere you go!

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