Life Can Change: It Just Depends On You

Hello Happiers! I’ve decided to take the time this morning to write my best friend, Courtney an email with everything that I’ve been wanting and intending to include.

As per explaining why and how I was the way I was the last time we hung out which was when we went shopping at the Toronto Eaton Centre. It’s time for me to get it all out and sent to Courtney!

She deserves to know and I already knew that with nothing to have against that. Because that’s not something any best friend would do to a best friend. We haven’t still celebrated our friendversary of 15 years which was September. I wanna also bring that up as well.

3 things I’m grateful for:

  1. Franka, my cuddle buddy (cat, 15 years)
  2. My best friend, Courtney! 15 years!
  3. Tracey, a great friend who’s been through mental illness and is an advocate for mental health just like me! Someone who I can rely and be comfortable with talking about mental health related stuff and issues!

I’m grateful for my cat, Franka! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have had a cuddle buddy and companion like her to go to when I needed to be cheered up or to just cuddle when in need.

When electronics are taken away as punishment for the things I have done wrong and such, which I can’t use to contact/communicate with my best friend to text about the scenario and to get support from her.

And my parents aren’t the supportive parents I ever wanted nor asked, needed nor wanted.

So in conclusion here, I’m so grateful and lucky to have my cuddle buddy, Franka! I’m rally treasuring her presence on this world more than I ever have!

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