Lip Gloss Discontinued?


Why does Bath & Body Works keep discontinuing popular products that make great sales? What is the purpose of a business? To make business as a business. If a product the company sells is making great sales and has become a very popular product, in what part of the response to this being this real decision: discontinued products?

How does this make any logical sense in any way?

What lip glosses do you miss that Bath & Body or any other company have discontinued?

Miss your fave lip gloss on your lips…

What’s your fave lip gloss company out of all those including that discontinue your fave yet most popular ones?

Any new lip glosses from any company you have become a fan of?

Other than missing your old faves that no longer are sold at their companies…

If and I mean how would you respond or reply, or in other words, act on this issue. How would you convince the companies like Bath & Body Works to reconsider their past decisions of their old products that became popular and made great sales, to bring them back in stock on the selves?

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