Lip, Gloss Discontinued

Bath & Body Works

Are you a fan of Bath & Body Works products?

What kind of products do you normally pick up when on shopping trips?

Remember, Bali Mango? I remember their scent? I actually still have the Bali Mango original body lotion with about less than a quarter left in it. Why is there still a bit left even after it been discontinued for a few many years now?

Well it smells too good to use it all up that easily and soon even. I think it still is online to be sold but mostly sure that they don’t have this scent on shelves anymore. I wonder why? What’s their reasoning this time.

Remember Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple & Pink Sugerplum? The Pink Sugerplum was my fave scent. The Vanilla Bean Noel was and still is my best friends fave out of the three.

What products from any of your fave stores, do you miss that have either been discontinued or no longer sell on shelves (only online: eBay, etc)?

Like “Christmas Office Party” the movie that came up in December 2016!

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