Living A Creative Life!

To live a creative life, you gotta embrace and own it like it’s your and no one can take that away from you. If you want a different life than you currently have, you gotta do whatever you gotta do to make the kind of changes that you want. You gotta follow what I’m about to inspire you with:

Let’s imagine: if you glimpse the future, you were frightened by the future, what would you do with that information? You would go to politicians, captains of industry: how would you convince them with data, facts. Good luck. Any facts they won’t challenge, they keep the wheels greased and the dollars rolling in. But what if there was a way of skipping the middle man and putting the critical news right in everyone’s head.

This whole method or rather huge speech is from David Nix (character) from Tomorrowland, the movie. And this huge speech that he made, made it very clear to the point what we are all missing. We aren’t looking nor thinking about the part of the problem that we are completely ignoring. We are becoming more ignorant than we lead ourselves to believe.

Even if we admit to being stubborn and/or ignorant, there’s still more that needs to be done be each one of us in order to fix all our problems of our own and then work on the next stage/step which I’ll go into more detail next.

The probability of widespread annihilation kept going up. The only way to stop was to show it. To scare people straight. What reasonable human being would be galvanized by the potential destruction of everything they’ve ever known or loved. To save civilization, I would show its collapse. But how do you think this vision was received? How do you think people responded to the prospect of imminent doom?

When it comes to the possible outcomes of imminent doom in our world, we are missing so many more vitally important facts in order to respond and work towards a better future. If you want a better future, there’s more to it than you may think or believe. Which I will go into more detail later.

How do you feel and think about when in moments of darkness and despair? How does it feel when things are going down hill and you don’t know what to do to fix it?

There are two wolves. And they are always fighting. One is darkness and despair. The other is light and hope. Which wolf wins?

Or rather to say in any situation or moment, which wolf are you feeding? Are you feeding the darkness and despair because you feel so hopeless that there’s no possibility that things could get any better? To ask yourself: which wolf do you want to feed?

Regardless of what we feel, we must ask ourselves: how badly we truly want a better life, a better future. And then let that be our guide, our motivation to remind us during times of hopelessness to keep going because of how badly we want a better life, a better future!

They gobbled it up in a chocolate eclair. They didn’t fear their demise, they repackaged it. It can be enjoyed as video games, tv shows, books, movies, the entire world, whole-heartedly embraced the apocalypse. But sprinted towards with gleeful abandon. Meanwhile your earth was crumbling all around you. Civil ten years epidemics of obesity and starvation, explain that one?

We can all be so caught up with the things that we easily focus, and dwell on, we forget to look at the whole picture. We forget that we are leaving out vitally important facts and things that we are ignoring completely. If we just open our eyes enough to see what we are blocking from our vision, we can not only see more but do more to make the world a better place. To fix what we’ve all played a crucial part in each problem and epidemic that we have caused in our world and being part of society.

If you want it badly enough, the more you’ll be motivated to do whatever you gotta do to make it happen. More to cover on this subtopic next.

Bees and butterflies start to disappear, the glaciers melt, the algae glooms, all around you, the calamine canaries are dead and you won’t take the hint. In every moment there is a possibility of a better future, but you people won’t believe it. And because you won’t believe it, you won’t do what is necessary to make it a reality. So you dwell on this whole terrible future, you resign yourselves to it. One reason because that future doesn’t ask anything of you today. So yes you saw the iceberg, you were on the Titanic, but you all just steered for it full steam ahead. Why? Because you want to sink. You gave up. It’s not the monitor’s fault, that’s yours.

If you have found yourself dwelling on the past and on the negative chances of a better life ever being high enough of a possibility; here’s something that will change your life forever, as long as you allow yourself to make the commitment all the way no matter how hard it may get along the way!

If you want a better life, a creative one ruled by your own terms and on your own control, make do with what you have, use it to the best of your ability and see what happens. And then use what you gained to continue in the process to live a whole hearted yet creative life. If you want to know what it means and what it looks like to live a whole hearted life, read Brene Brown’s book: The Gifts Of Imperfection, Rising Strong & Daring Greatly (not necessarily in that order) and see how the knowledge and education you gain from these informative, educational, inspirational and encouraging books!

One last thing I wanna add here:

“I get things are bad, but what are we doing to fix it?” – Cassie Newton, Tomorrowland

If you find yourself being aware of a problem, ask yourself what are you currently doing to fix it, and what you can do now with all that newly gained knowledge and education to do everything you can to fix the problems to the best of your ability!