Mental Health, Educational Facilities Survey Research

What kind of benefits would be given from attending/leading a mental health group/society in educational facilities?

Help teaching others being affected/impacted by mental illness that their mental condition is not their fault, the constant struggles they will go through, helping them believe there are millions still out there both suffering and living with mental illness every day and no one is alone in any situation like this one.

Finding healthy coping methods and positive thinking habits, lifestyles to practice to contribute to success of recovery and overall mental health.

Teach them that mental illness should never be something to be ashamed of nor should be forgotten. Everyone with a mental illness will have to recover for the rest of their lives, even after reaching the last stage of their recovery from their previous episodes, relapses, etc.

Recovery does not take a day off. Ask them what kind of people and who they look up to for role models: celebs, family, friends, etc. Demi Lovato is such a great role model in this epidemic particularly as also she is a huge mental health advocate as well as for the anti bullying epidemic too.

What do you think?

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