Mental VS Physical Illnesses

Being mentally healthy means a whole wack of things in which takes a lot to wrap your head around every item on that list. Mental health is a bigger subject than you may think yourself.

Being mentally healthy means practicing meditations, using emotional intelligence in your everyday life, self care practices, self love routines and self help books, exercise, healthy diet, recommended medications by the doctor, all the right education and knowledge about the mental health subject both found online and in books at home and at the library, and much more.

Take some time in your day to do some research if you are new to the mental health world, in the beginning of your recovery with your mental illness/condition(s). There are endless yet enough resources to help you learn all about the importance of mental health to every last detail there is to know.

Having emotions is one thing, but using them in all the right ways are crucially important regardless. So using emotions like compassion more particularly self compassion, is really what everyone who’s advocating for it including all doctors and therapists/counsellors.

So logic and emotions can get confusing and it more than true how we all at one point in my life we believe we are going with logic rather than emotion. But overall, we are actually going with our emotions, our brains are convincing us that we are thinking logically when responding to what’s happening right now. This is because we have only trained our brains to respond, think with that kind of logic.

With mental health being such a huge epidemic, issue and it’s broken system as well as the stigma surrounding it, the world never knew the importance of caring for ourselves with emotional intelligence and all else around the mental health subject overall.

All those reading my books here in the WattPad app, probably have an idea of the percentage of the whole world or areas of the world that are lacking the education as well as knowing how much of a negative impact the stigma has on all of humanity which brings to the logic of how the suicide rate was high and is still very slowly decreasing the rate because of all this.

We need to change this. We should not just do what we need to do to help break the stigma surrounding mental illness but also contributing our parts and projects to fixing the broken mental health system.

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