My Mental Health Entry

Monday October 10th, 2016

Feeling bad, sick. Stomach hurts. Don’t know what to do to fix it in time to be able to work the next three days at Fraser Direct. Or if it would be best for my mental health and my condition (plus my mental health state in the antidepressant recovery stage) to call/email the agency to apologize and cancel my shifts at Fraser Direct.

But if this is what’s best for me and my mental health and all, what should I tell the agency? Not be too personal but give enough detail as to why I’m choosing to cancel my upcoming shifts at Fraser Direct. Should I choose to not work for a while and focus on both my mental health recovery & my academics for my one course I’m completing online? Your thoughts & decision s that you think would be best for me in this particular whole situation?

I’m grateful to have my best friend on my side with my recovery as well as Tracey, and also my parents and sister too. Still haven’t spread the news to my family about my diagnosis and action plan.

Sunday October 9th, 2016

Just thinking about this new and more challenging journey in my recovery is not gonna be easy but also gonna be long and will also learn more lessons from this one as I learned from recovering from my previous depressive episode in college.

But I also know that I have more support from my parents along with my best friend now that I’ve shared with her what’s been going on with me and my mental health issue and that I’d keep her updated, always being honest with her anything particularly with my recovery from my depression relapse from now on!

Starting this coming Thursday is my first meeting attending the “Mindfullness” support group. Great opportunity to socialism with those in the same kind of boat and learning about mindfulness to contribute with my recovery! 😇😎👍🏻

Parents made me these for me to eat in bed, not feeling the greatest while into the first 2–3 days in taking the first antidepressant

Saturday October 8th, 2016

Being strong and remaining strong are to super challenging things that involve hard work, dedication, motivation, courage, strength to be able to successfully achieve. And its gonna be a long challenging, life learning journey for me with these few antidepressant trials this year. We’ll see where I’m at around Christmas and New Years…

Friday October 7th, 2016

After coming back from an exhaautinh & tiring shift at work, took a nap, then had dinner with my first pill of 6 weeks. (one side effect: drowsiness). Before I felt worse but know it will take 2–4 weeks to see visible/noticeable results. But it says be careful when operating machinery. Should this be an real concern for me with idling a conveyor belt at Fraser Direct when I return on Tuesday?

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